About my blog: Explanations+New stuff coming!

Hii everyone! just wanted to take the time and come explain a little how I manage to write my poems! and just wanna thank each and everyone of you who take the time to like and comment on my work! Its really amazing what people can accomplish when having others opinions,encouragement ect.. Well here it goes .. So I can be awake/sleeping , morning/night .. anywherre and everywhere and the Phrases for my poems just comes right away in my thoughts so thats why I always have to carry with me my laptop or my Book! Alot of my poems i really dont understand cause they come automaticaly but some of them are my very own that I actually have to think about.. Now i also take picture in nature , Paint , Sing and play guitar so i might Start putting some of them on here for you guys to see! 

Hopefully yous all have an amazing day!:) 




Black diamond firering ring,

 birds too tall might not even sing.

Majesties will collaps with corruption.

Thats when our wings will flap witg eruption.

Sounds piercing away with mass,

reject them now with love potion.

venem crawling deep in your veins,

not your fault you were born in praised.

Renounce without any blackouts.

maybe there’s only one way out?

Whatever the coast is 

boil to the surface like a wild flower goddess.