Our love is forever

My love for you is magical,

you are my little miracle.

Looking at you with amazement,

pinch of me i see.

I promis you life will be alright,

for now lets sit back tight.

love you Westđź’™

By : Mylène Martin



Rise above the infinity of time 

We can hardly get a dime. 
I call this life mine,
Consider why I rhyme. 

Seek out to grab your desires,
Before time shatters. 
Black and white 
Shadows moving through the night.

Bursting soul out of control 
Like the rainbow reaching its higher role.
Surrender your lifelong goals
And let life unfold.

Making your way accross the land 
Awaiting the massive grandstand.
She’s the flame that cant be tamed,
The girl leaves a trace with what remains.