Full blown 

exposing your emotions with the risk of them being shattered,

Simply enough, life gives to you what you give back. 

social mistress is about to burst full of happiness.

Dont ever give up , you are hear arent ya.

Simply Believe

Celebrating simply enjoying,

Sometimes it is too much, 

but other lives it rather wnough. 

Every being are simply melding,

we touch each others live, 

Simply by believing!♡

By : Mylène Martin


Alignments strawing between both realms

Its when we cope that helps us accumulate

We don’t even know what’s hiding between those holes

We already keep atrophying our limits

But what can keep em sane

Is what lies in the brain

Large Percentage of it not even touched

That’s what they don’t want launched

Keep hiding stop believing

That’s what they want us to limitate their achieving

Love with all power

Keep them locked and straw another