Major exciting NEWS!!!!

After a few years of writting Poetry , quotes and making Paintings. I finally put all my work together and Published my first book! You can find it on Amazon and some other places! If you’d like to help out me and my little family by buying my work it’ll be grately appreciated! I love doing what I do and unfortunately theres not enough support for Authors/poets/artist out in the world but with determination I made one of my dreams come true! Thanks for all the support, its grately appreciated😊

●●● Here’s the link to buy my first book : Poetry by the sea


Simply Believe

Celebrating simply enjoying,

Sometimes it is too much, 

but other lives it rather wnough. 

Every being are simply melding,

we touch each others live, 

Simply by believing!♡

By : Mylène Martin

About my blog: Explanations+New stuff coming!

Hii everyone! just wanted to take the time and come explain a little how I manage to write my poems! and just wanna thank each and everyone of you who take the time to like and comment on my work! Its really amazing what people can accomplish when having others opinions,encouragement ect.. Well here it goes .. So I can be awake/sleeping , morning/night .. anywherre and everywhere and the Phrases for my poems just comes right away in my thoughts so thats why I always have to carry with me my laptop or my Book! Alot of my poems i really dont understand cause they come automaticaly but some of them are my very own that I actually have to think about.. Now i also take picture in nature , Paint , Sing and play guitar so i might Start putting some of them on here for you guys to see! 

Hopefully yous all have an amazing day!:) 


Treasures of the universe

We fall in love with the treasures above,

Sky, stars moon in sight.

With eye’s of wonders we look for answers.

Time and time again measures are kept,

Some knows but others opose.

Open your clarity with joys of possibilities.

Create an atmosphere, 

The universe is makin it pretty clear.

Stereotype shatters

Live shine bright , 

Opens skies through the night.

Sequels fluently uplifting the atmosphere,

Love makes us whole its pretty clear.

Everyone in this planet matters ,

Stereotype world wide shatters.

Tik Tok times ticking,

make this life better,

Bring us all together.
By : Mylène Martin

Paths cross

Layers of depen concrete,

the lovely crows weeped. 

Peckin rocks mandatory mission

Life is but an illusion. 

Clarity viewed in cracked lense,

2 eyes that’s all we ever get.

Excrutiating emotions scattered all over,

bursting out with one lonely smile.

Paths cross in our beloved ocean,

for all we know we are unique creations. 

time has no meaning, 

were only the begining.