Simply Believe

Celebrating simply enjoying,

Sometimes it is too much, 

but other lives it rather wnough. 

Every being are simply melding,

we touch each others live, 

Simply by believing!♡

By : Mylène Martin


Treasures of the universe

We fall in love with the treasures above,

Sky, stars moon in sight.

With eye’s of wonders we look for answers.

Time and time again measures are kept,

Some knows but others opose.

Open your clarity with joys of possibilities.

Create an atmosphere, 

The universe is makin it pretty clear.

Creation around nations

We sometimes play a role beneath unfolds,

surely its sweet as the candy machine.

But what is unpleasent is the sent unclean,

true colors explodes with deeper passion.

Keep blooming lifes illuting 

We simply deliver happyness and laughter.

Stereotype shatters

Live shine bright , 

Opens skies through the night.

Sequels fluently uplifting the atmosphere,

Love makes us whole its pretty clear.

Everyone in this planet matters ,

Stereotype world wide shatters.

Tik Tok times ticking,

make this life better,

Bring us all together.
By : Mylène Martin

No man’s land 

Mad man once said will regret, 

regret the life that have become. 

This repetition is nothing but wrong

flesh of our skin is all but tame.

Change is right around the turn,

mounty claired pieces of white rocking cells.

the unknown a trunk full treasures.

we fight back with wide open souls.

No man has ever given up hope, 

no matter what we must elope.

Charging energies magicly madens.

We are ready to overcome them.

strong mind, flaming heart

Lips are sealed like the wild vine 

miracles of the divine against my chest 

welcome to the unknown they said 

but what are they even sayin. 

Little criminals running their choice,

already gone thats my voice. 

Rather being held up stuck. 

I tried my best and shut them up.

Oh cries I hear down the little valley,

 so weak so to speak. 

only can do what can be done 

dont ever let it overcome