whats hate?

life as we know it,  living day to day

different race , different taste

lets try to eliminate the hate,

Love is the main key.




Unity holds the key

Express your true colors,

Misty dust full on fires.

Impact the world with mystic beauty,

It only takes one to simplify unity .

Laughter joy remarquable smiles,

The key hold millions of miles.


Mylene Martin

Treasures of the universe

We fall in love with the treasures above,

Sky, stars moon in sight.

With eye’s of wonders we look for answers.

Time and time again measures are kept,

Some knows but others opose.

Open your clarity with joys of possibilities.

Create an atmosphere, 

The universe is makin it pretty clear.

Our love is forever

My love for you is magical,

you are my little miracle.

Looking at you with amazement,

pinch of me i see.

I promis you life will be alright,

for now lets sit back tight.

love you West💙

By : Mylène Martin

My body ; my canvas

Printed deep into my skin,

Art is surely not a sin..

my body my canvas,

Beautiful ideas put into fruition.

Only truly you will understand your journey,

but do not fear you do see perfectly clear.

Others may miss the point of view,

Dont let that dissemble you,

Work proudly on you Art piece,

You have one life , one dream

& 1 Masterpiece

By : Mylene Martin



Info for my blog

I will be starting a new mix to the poetry soon enough!

I currently am working on some new and old paintings of mine

so hoping to start something up. I wanna thank everyone whos been supotive

of me and my work .. I still have a long journey to go but i know that with a little

boost and people like you guys that everything will go well ! Thanks again


Mylene Martin 🙂