Simply connected

Electrical storm passes through

only then will ever knew

suppose its time to rise above

ready set , set the shove

Enemies simply our allies

everyone’s connected

look around the resented.


Moon Mist

Windows beneath the sea

lovingly melow we keep the radar

sharma leaps beneath the creek

we come as one totaly undone

jOy is whole meteor in the atmosphere

look above we might unsolve

star bright magnigfying the night

Simply Believe

Celebrating simply enjoying,

Sometimes it is too much, 

but other lives it rather wnough. 

Every being are simply melding,

we touch each others live, 

Simply by believing!♡

By : Mylène Martin

Creation around nations

We sometimes play a role beneath unfolds,

surely its sweet as the candy machine.

But what is unpleasent is the sent unclean,

true colors explodes with deeper passion.

Keep blooming lifes illuting 

We simply deliver happyness and laughter.

My body ; my canvas

Printed deep into my skin,

Art is surely not a sin..

my body my canvas,

Beautiful ideas put into fruition.

Only truly you will understand your journey,

but do not fear you do see perfectly clear.

Others may miss the point of view,

Dont let that dissemble you,

Work proudly on you Art piece,

You have one life , one dream

& 1 Masterpiece

By : Mylene Martin