Full blown 

exposing your emotions with the risk of them being shattered,

Simply enough, life gives to you what you give back. 

social mistress is about to burst full of happiness.

Dont ever give up , you are hear arent ya.


Calm bliss

following the path toward reality 

remembering what were told 

while past is forgoten.
Nature  always blooming,

nothing is but the beginning.

laughter , perfect way to life,

cries of joy oh besutiful light!

Stereotype shatters

Live shine bright , 

Opens skies through the night.

Sequels fluently uplifting the atmosphere,

Love makes us whole its pretty clear.

Everyone in this planet matters ,

Stereotype world wide shatters.

Tik Tok times ticking,

make this life better,

Bring us all together.
By : Mylène Martin

Tea & Biscuits

Tea and biscuits are her favorite treat
her voice chosen for destiny.
Words she softly spoke,
she has 95 years of hope.

Love is what kept her driven,
most importantly her little grand children.
Eye’s that visited country to country,
Around the world love is what she could see.

Respect is the main Key,
an old soul being silly.
Her voice chosen for destiny,
she will last eternity.