Speck of dust

As shallow lonely can we be,

We follow within magical fields,

wait stop whats that view.

simply unique what about you.

long lasting, deep breath occurring.

life’s a touch with a breeze of sand.

By: Mylene Martin


Simply Believe

Celebrating simply enjoying,

Sometimes it is too much, 

but other lives it rather wnough. 

Every being are simply melding,

we touch each others live, 

Simply by believing!♡

By : Mylène Martin

The last cigarette burns

Silently hearing that stick creep up

Puff after puff day after day ,

we keep hoping something different will be.

Until that something different is your lungs squealing in disbelief.

It only takes one step to master this achievement.

But what is stopping you?

Calming feeling sets in after a day full of stress?

Or just that sweet awful addictive nicotine boiling in your blood.

You only get one life , one chance,

long lasting while gazing at my son…

First steps taken , don’t take life for granted.

The last cigarette burns.

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Rise above the infinity of time 

We can hardly get a dime. 
I call this life mine,
Consider why I rhyme. 

Seek out to grab your desires,
Before time shatters. 
Black and white 
Shadows moving through the night.

Bursting soul out of control 
Like the rainbow reaching its higher role.
Surrender your lifelong goals
And let life unfold.

Making your way accross the land 
Awaiting the massive grandstand.
She’s the flame that cant be tamed,
The girl leaves a trace with what remains.