wild thoughts

Enormous leap of faith,

 Trust & let yourself shape.


Fly high little angel

 Gold was given,

 A seed inside you growing.

 Little heartbeat imprinted in my soul,

 lost a part of me untold.

New year new you right?

 For me blur was all I seen,

how can this be happening?

what did I do wrong? 

holding on one last hope

I guess you had other plans,

my little miracle gone.

My love for you is still strong.


By : Mylene Martin


We are One

We are simply one amazing existence,,

Every piece of the puzzle,

We are …

Different people different ways,

We have one thing in common.

Like it or slay,

Every human every right.

Living our journey,

Simply to ignite.

Aloud only our voice

When mending all together,

We simply are one forever and ever.