Sour lemon

Slowly getting up,  

but the wind just struck.
Im fallin again, 
slowly into the dark whole. 

Every chance i get 
Ill fight till my last breath.
you demons will never get me,
thick as rock shield i will be.

 Memories burried within,
I crawl to the unknown,
all we visualize are sins.
Final destination..
final satisfaction..
Get a taste of that sour lemon.


Tea & Biscuits

Tea and biscuits are her favorite treat
her voice chosen for destiny.
Words she softly spoke,
she has 95 years of hope.

Love is what kept her driven,
most importantly her little grand children.
Eye’s that visited country to country,
Around the world love is what she could see.

Respect is the main Key,
an old soul being silly.
Her voice chosen for destiny,
she will last eternity.

She’s Everywhere

The land of our time

Seizes all crime.
Slowly slipping away, 
The skies are getting grey.

Combined all together 
Moving one step closer. 
Opening the portal of soul, 
Only for ones seeking to unfold.

Generations keep unfolding 
Warriors are willing 
If only we would listen 
All this would’nt be mistaken

Burst out your inner wisdom
Make it your new venom. 
Be kind but also shine
She’ll last a lifetime.


Fresh newly flower ready to blossom,

fabric made of dusty ingredients.
Imperfection is her way of living,
premature mind stop those lies.

The motor starts guilt shifts, 
full of humility renewing hacks of possibilities.
Unseen arrows dramaticaly flying at all finest,
be the untouchable, wildlife godest.

All time high, the flower’s getting dry.
End of her life as she knows it,
She’s ready to overcome it.
Calm sensation sets in. The last pettle falls


Rise above the infinity of time 

We can hardly get a dime. 
I call this life mine,
Consider why I rhyme. 

Seek out to grab your desires,
Before time shatters. 
Black and white 
Shadows moving through the night.

Bursting soul out of control 
Like the rainbow reaching its higher role.
Surrender your lifelong goals
And let life unfold.

Making your way accross the land 
Awaiting the massive grandstand.
She’s the flame that cant be tamed,
The girl leaves a trace with what remains.