Click of the mind

We continue to be loved, 

Only to find we are love                    ourselves.


Rabbit hole

Enormous Wisdom Coming out blind.

What do we see, with open minds?

Achieving Greatness, from Borders of Shrines.

Ultimate Structure for our Lives to Shine.

Assertions, Lurking Creatures Together as One.

Promises are Made by Depictions of Our Sun.

Fruitful Laborers, Eating for None.

Graveyard Is an ‘Opened Prize, Conceal your Thoughts, Beyond our Kind.

We come by Agreements, Chosen from Another within Time.

Creations which augments, The future will Represent.

Truthful Mathers, Gathering through space. What comes Next is a Decision for Our Kind

By : Mylene & Mario!

strong mind, flaming heart

Lips are sealed like the wild vine 

miracles of the divine against my chest 

welcome to the unknown they said 

but what are they even sayin. 

Little criminals running their choice,

already gone thats my voice. 

Rather being held up stuck. 

I tried my best and shut them up.

Oh cries I hear down the little valley,

 so weak so to speak. 

only can do what can be done 

dont ever let it overcome 

Black pupils

Umbelical cord wrapped around 

she was once an ok girl. 

They undressed her of her own skin

Now darkness lies within. 
Hours and minutes pass 

her mom screams get out.. 

water pooring on her like fire

its what kept her a little brighter
Snakes crawling all over your body

not a word or scream can help ya lately. 

pupils black as the night sky  

Your lucky im shy.


Frail but never forgotten, 

she was the place i could call heaven .

Showing me ways of life, 

Her the love of all time.

She faught her way till the end 

all she wanted was to pretend.

We knew she no longer view 

holy hardest thing to do. 
I miss you my angel i miss you so much, 

You made me proud thats what counts.

Until we meet again,

Hints till then you’ll send. 

Blooming nature

Whats this number I see so clever,

whenever it passes .. triggered.

allowing acces througout mistery,

marvelous you become reality.

People showing their uniqueness,

also it’s what brings us the closest.

Purifying the air,

Nature blooming with a glare.

Energies multiplying,

we must keep it going.

good things are coming,

Our children are hoping.