Rise above the infinity of time 

We can hardly get a dime. 
I call this life mine,
Consider why I rhyme. 

Seek out to grab your desires,
Before time shatters. 
Black and white 
Shadows moving through the night.

Bursting soul out of control 
Like the rainbow reaching its higher role.
Surrender your lifelong goals
And let life unfold.

Making your way accross the land 
Awaiting the massive grandstand.
She’s the flame that cant be tamed,
The girl leaves a trace with what remains.

One race.. One world

Lets take a stand
Give a helping hand.
Beautiful creations all over
Lets show them they all matter.

We’ll all come together
Who cares about the weather,
We can make the world better.
Generations to come,
Crazy people plotting some
Might as-well take a shot of rum.

Tremendous gifts we are given
Its time for the recreation.
Love is the key                                                                                                                                Open your eyes and see.

Take the pledge

Destination or just another miss-creation.
Whispers creeping up the lobe,
while another miracle blows.
One beat two beats, three,
is this an illusion rising within me.

Rowing gently down the path of the unknown,
Lies above recovery for love.
Two hearts, two doors, 2beats
Only till then will stay unique.

When our power units
Will rise above universally.
With love we can overcome
Together as one!

The fight within

Up above or down below
We strive to be alive but price will follow
Day in or day out
What is this all about.

6 feet under or six feet over
How much longer do we need to take cover
They creep up on you when your in the blue
What they don’t know is that you already knew.

Outside the calm before the storm
But inside is the eye of the devil
Where everything is created
Where everything is one.

Miss Diagnosed

He’s the one who we all know,
The one who no one completely understands
Creation of the devil,
At least that’s what they say.

Behind that creation is a soul
Who lives in a twisted world
Where no one wants to break him free
Afraid… afraid of what?

Everyone wants that perfect someone,
But no one is willing to break through the barriers.
Walls and walls of cement
Caused by monstrous spells.

One might not be understood
But somewhere down the path of miracles.
The Dragon of dreams…
Finds his angel of darkness.

L’amour D’automne

Tu est l’amour de ma vie,
Toi qui ma donner le goût de vivre.
Tu a rentrer sens soucie,
Maintenant la vie sans être ivre.

Les journée Était allonger,
Le mal et surtout la peine,
Mes toi.. tu ma sauver,
De ses démon quand jetais incertaine.
Je ne peux pas te remercier asser,

Maintenant la vie est si belle,
toute les belle chose tu ma donner,
Tu a répondu a mon appelle.
Un petit garçon qui nous a été donner, Une vie pleine de nouveauté,
Jamais je ne te oublierer,
Je t’aimerer, je t’aimerer, je t’aimerer.